The battles you fight are your own. They are all you know and it doesn’t matter if they feel bigger or smaller than anyone else’s – it’s important that you take them seriously and support yourself to fight them.

Self care is all about taking actions to support and protect your own health or wellbeing. The type of action you take depends on who you are, what you need and what’s accessible or available to you, but the important thing is listening to yourself to recognise your needs.

One way  you can stay in communication with yourself and work out what you need is setting aside time for a therapeutic activity. This could be meditation, taking with people you trust about how you feel, getting outside and interacting with nature, or practicing mindfulness. I often see clients who are unable to recognise their own needs or haven’t been able to care for themselves in a kind and gentle way. I work alongside them to explore those issues and their relationship with themselves, and I recognise that the step they’ve taken in coming to see me is a great stride towards better self care.