It is likely that you are taking the first brave steps in looking for a therapist. Most of us don’t realise how much we’re struggling until we reach a critical juncture. Recognising the need for some support, in whatever form that make take, is a crucial first step. Perhaps you can congratulate yourself on getting this far?

Whether you have something specific on your mind, or just a sense that now is the right time, finding the right therapist for you is incredibly important. It can sometimes take a little while to find the right person. Not every Counsellor and Client is a perfect match. Our initial session would give you a chance to see how you feel about us working together. This is to make sure that I’m able to offer you the best possible support.

Our sessions would be held online, weekly. I encourage you to consider what you are hoping to get from our sessions, so that we are able to ensue that our work remains helpful.

Each week I will aim for you to have the space to explore whatever feels important to you. I like to build in regular reviews to ensure that your needs are being met and that we are working in a way that is both helpful and ethical.

Although I offer short term bocks of 6-12 weeks, most of my clients opt for long-term work. This allows us to spend the time we need to build our relationship and work through what has bought you here. The work ends when you feel ready. Discussing the end of our time together is something that I will bring up in our reviews, to ensure that you feel supported to end when it feels right to do so.

Working Online

For many, online counselling offers a more flexible approach than face to face. This way of working allows you to access support from either the comfort of your own home or other, safe, confidential space of your choosing.

I work via Skype or Zoom, and encourage both a video and audio connection. This is so I can have the best insight possible into what is going on for you in that moment.

You will need to be somewhere quiet and comfortable where you are unlikely to be disturbed. It is important that wherever you are, you know that what you say is private and will not be overheard. I recommend you to have access to a hot or cold drink, and it might be worth making sure you have some tissues nearby. Of course, a good wifi connection is essential.

For insurance purposes, I am only able to see clients based within the UK.