Going Live on Facebook

A brief post documenting my thoughts about publishing my professional page on Facebook, and what lessons I can learn from this as a practitioner

I’m feeling delightfully overwhelmed with the support I’ve received on Facebook! Thanks to everyone who’s followed the page, messaged, texted, liked and subscribed – it really means so much. The experience of publishing this page on Facebook has really got me thinking about the importance of reaching out for support when you need it and how it can be so difficult to do. In the moments before this page went live, I felt a wave of anxiety about being judged, ridiculed, shamed and not being taken seriously. These feelings reminded me of seeing a therapist for the first time, how walking into a room with a complete stranger and pouring my heart out was terrifying, being sure that they were analysing my every twitch or pause. Now I’m in the therapist’s chair, and I know that when I see someone for the first time, my priority is to help them feel as safe as they can, not to analyse or judge, but just to be alongside them with whatever they need to say.

Last week I reached out for support on Facebook and received it by the bucketload. My hope is that in turn I can be there to offer support to those who need it – and this serves as a lesson for me not to forget how vulnerable it can make a person feel to do so.

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